Resident Guides

Roonin Kushi

Founder and Healer

Born in Peru in 1978. He’s been studying master plants for more than 20 years along with other disciplines and traditions. As a “Vegetalista” (Mestizo amazonian shamanism), he holds several “master plant dietas” with plants like Palo de Viento, Piñon Colorado, Ajo Sacha, Boahuasca, Renaquilla, Mapacho, Noya Rao, Lupuna, Camalonga, Chiric Sanango, Ayahuma and Ajosquiro. In ceremonies his voice is certainly one-of-a-kind. Frequently combining the Ikaros (plant medicine songs) with powerful mantras “learned possibly in previous lifes”. He has made a compromise to manifest the virtues that lead to self-realization, reduce suffering and pursues enlightenment.

Vicky Kiej Ix'kik

Yoga Instructor and Maya Cosmologist

Born in Guatemala in 1979. Yoga Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa teacher for more than 10 years and Maya Priestess, properly called Ix’qik (Time Counter). She studies the well-kept millenary knowledge of the Maya to help people understand the telluric energies attached to every person since the moment of conception and which accompany the individual in sacred cycles called the “Tzolkin Calendar”. Vicky combines her practice with the ancestral medicine inherited from her grandmothers. She recently begun exploring “vegetalismo” having done master plant dietas with Renaquilla, Sharamasho, Lupuna and Mapacho. With a loving and caring spirit, her smile is usually medicine for the people surrounding her.