A dream is born

Roonin Kushi... the Dreamer

It was in my first experience with master plants back in 1996 when I imagined a place where people could surely come to experience what I was experiencing at that moment, an immense opening of consciousness and a fusion of my mind with nature beyond the bonds of time and space. A full liberation of that oppressed being in contact with its inner wounds and in search of healing.

That gift that nature was giving me at that moment had to be known by others. That feeling of union and that understanding of myself. There had to be a way to make this experience available to others in a space where it could be lived without fear of being punished for it. Although I was young and very immature at the time, I knew that I had something very powerful in my hands and that it was my mission to act responsibly before these powers and put them at the service of the healing and personal growth of my fellow human beings.

Many years passed and I made many mistakes in my life along the way. I had setbacks of all kinds but I was also determined to study, learn and work, keeping the idea of my destiny clear and shaping my actions and decision making.

I was successful in the corporate world and by 2018 I was ready and had in my hands the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to start in Guatemala the construction of a sanctuary for the study, protection and practice of ancestral medicine and master plants such as Ayahuasca and its other allied plants that constitute the vegetalist practice.

It would also be a temple for the recognition and investigation of all valuable ancestral practices for the healing of consciousness and the growth of people. We would honor the Mayan cosmovision, ancestral wisdom of this region and the spiritual practices of the diverse cultures of America. We would not leave aside either the valuable knowledge coming from the philosophies of other continents, such as meditation and yoga, or the modern tools that could be used for the noble purpose of healing and making the human being grow in consciousness and harmony with nature.

Here today is this dream finally materialized, which I put with love at the disposal of those who hear this call, who are in search of that "something more" or who see here a light that can illuminate the darkness of their sufferings and the liberation of their consciousness.